Master Plan

Santa Maria College’s Master Plan: Creating a Vision for Future Development and Growth

Santa Maria College underwent a Master Planning process in 2019 to address its potential development for the next 10-15 years. The process involved students, staff, and the parent community to identify both the existing conditions and future visions for the school’s values, place, and learning.

The data gathered in the workshops, and a college community survey led to the identification of preserving the history, building community, embracing sustainable design practices, empowering future learning directions, re-visioning current buildings, developing exemplary multi-purpose new facilities, and enhancing the campus environment for all.

The final Master Plan proposes developing new performing arts facilities, enhancing sporting facilities, developing new contemporary learning facilities for Years 5 – 7, improving accessibility, revisioning the McAuley Building as a senior learning community, developing external environments, and incorporating sustainability initiatives where possible.

The first two stages of priority from the Masterplan are:

  1. Current Project- Performing Arts Community – Cultural Centre – Commencing October 2023
  2. Future Project- Learning Community – Years 5 – 7 Commencing in the next 5-10 years

The Foundation’s financial support is critical to ensuring the successful completion of the first two stages and other possible future developments.

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