Maths Support Avaliable At Santa Maria

What Maths support is available to students at Santa Maria College?

1. Wednesday morning Maths help. This session runs from 7:40am in M2.36 and is staffed by at least two Maths teachers. It is open to all students, with a focus on Years 7-12.

2. Study Buddies is a program that runs in the Plaza from 7:30am, from Tuesday to Thursday. It is open to all students, with a focus on Years 5 and 6.

3. Students have access to a variety of online resources, for which they either have, or can be given, a login from their Maths teacher. They are:
– MyMaths  (
– Mathspace (
– Hotmaths ( is the one that you, as parents, have directly paid for if your daughter is in Years 7-10. It is linked to your daughter’s textbook and provides video examples of all concepts covered in class.

4. Please remember that Maths is all about practise. Ten minutes each evening is much more effective than a two-hour cram session the night before a test. Your daughter has, at bare minimum, a Maths text book full of exercises and revision questions. There is a chapter review at the end of each chapter. It will not hurt to repeat questions that were covered in class, and there are usually extra questions for revision as well.


If you have any questions related to Maths Support, please contact Rachael Grieves, Head of Mathematics: [email protected]

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