Matilda Receives Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Congratulations to Matilda Le Ray (Year 12) who recently received a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. We asked Matilda about the award.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a youth award program founded in the United Kingdom in 1956. It is known and recognised in 144 nations worldwide. The award is split into three levels, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards, with the Gold award being the highest that one can achieve. 

How long did it take to complete the award?

It took me 20 months to complete the gold award on its own.

Did you face any challenges? 

COVID was an extreme challenge I faced whilst trying to achieve this award. It meant I had to alter the different components of my award to be able to complete different sections virtually, and through different activities. I overcame it simply through time and waiting for restrictions to be lifted in WA.

What kind of activities did you complete for your award?

I achieved my gold award through the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC). To achieve it I spent 20 days on a promotional leadership course I used for my residential project. I used multiple fieldcraft camps that involved running activities for younger cadets in the army base at Northam. Most of my service, physical, and leadership hours came from attending parade nights on a Friday each week for five hours, in which I plan and prepare training and service requirements for cadets both for at-home training and camps they attend.

What were some of the highlights for you?

The award ceremony and achieving this award was definitely the highlight for me. It symbolised all I had achieved through my hard work, and it allowed me to recognise and celebrate this with my family and peers. 

What does this award mean to you?

To me, having this award means I can achieve anything I set my mind to, and that nothing but me can get in the way of my goals and dreams.  

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