Maximising Learning For Our Students

Keynote Speaker, Dr Tim McDonald

While the girls are away today, our staff have been involved in professional learning sessions.

The first session this morning was with keynote Speaker Dr Tim McDonald. Tim is the former Executive Director at the Catholic Education Office and is now CEO at YMCA. Tim spoke to our teaching staff about Cognitive Load Theory. Simply put, this is an evidence-based theory of how we can maximise learning for all students. Teachers were challenged to think about how they can assist all students to convert their short-term memory to long-term memory and strategies to avoid cognitive overload for their students.

Due to restrictions, Tim spoke to staff from the boardroom streamed out to Departments across the College and some staff who were at home.

ICT Sessions

This was followed by various ICT workshops delivered by our staff, for staff which included:

  • Data Analytics for Learning
  • Tools for Structure and feedback on OneNote
  • OneNote and Remote Teaching on Surface Pro
  • Using Teams Effectively
  • Innovative Online Tools
  • Coding Challenge
  • Personalising Learning through Technology
Visual Arts Team 'Deconstruct Reconstruct'

Teachers worked within their learning areas in the afternoon on many different projects. For example, our Visual Arts team enjoyed a creative challenge ‘Deconstruct Reconstruct! They were provided with a business shirt and a selection of textiles and were tasked with turning the shirt into artwork.

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