Meet Our 2021 Academic Captain Shanice

What is your portfolio position? 

I’m the Academic Captain, and as part of my role, I provide academic service and leadership, chair the student Academic Committee and provide feedback relevant to teaching and learning. 

Why did you apply for that position? 

I applied for the role of Academic Captain because I believe the leadership qualities I possess, are best suited for the role. Learning, and encouraging others in their learning is something I am very passionate about.  

I’ve learned a lot throughout my journey at Santa Maria, which has enabled my achievements and successes. I believe that in this role I can be generous with the gifts and talents I’ve developed. As Academic Captain, I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned and give back to the College community.  

What do you hope to achieve in your position? 

I hope that in this role I can be a positive role model for students and continue to work collaboratively with my peers, and students in younger years. I look forward to being a mentor and providing guidance and advice. I also hope that I will continue to grow in confidence, take on new challenges, and take on the advice and suggestions of the College community to propose and initiate change in the College.  

I aspire to promote the value of ‘personal best’ in academic pursuits across the College. I encourage all students to participate and get involved in the variety of academic opportunities provided including co-curricular and interhouse events.   

What’s your favourite thing about Santa Maria?  

Santa Maria fosters growth and development in all students. It caters to each individual with an extensive range of co-curriculars and opportunities on offer. It allows us to find our passions and share our gifts and talents in different aspects of College life. There’s also a strong sense of community. The relationships you build with students and teachers are invaluable; further strengthening our growth and development. It’s an environment that encourages you to grow in confidence.  

What’s one piece of advice for new students starting at Santa Maria next year? 

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable in a new environment, but the College is extremely supportive. By involving yourself in all the College has to offer, you’ll be able to find your way eventually and grow in comfort and belonging. Everyone is different, and each individual will adapt in time, but trust that if you get involved in the College and build those relationships, you’ll establish a strong sense of purpose.

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