Meet Our Staff: Patrick Thomas

What is your role at the College?

At Santa Maria, I am a Digital Technology, Media & HASS Teacher

What was your career path that led to you teaching at Santa Maria?

I have had a particularly unique journey. Since my time at school (in South Africa), gap year and throughout my university days in Australia, I have owned my own website design business, worked at the Apple Store, been a coffee barista, waiter, and even worked designing funeral home pamphlets. After completing my Computer Science degree, I started working in ICT here at Santa Maria, where I found my particular interest in education. Since going back to university to qualify as a teacher, I have been working as a teacher for almost three years.

What is your favourite thing about Santa Maria?

The culture – hands down. Everywhere you look and every person you speak to, you will find that there is a deep sense of Santa Maria community embedded. It is in the friendly greetings, classrooms, teachers, support staff, history, grounds and even in the facilities.

Where do you see technology in education heading in the future?

This is a good question. I believe that technology plays a pivotal part in the future of education. Technology is giving us the tools to be able to understand education on a whole new level. Whether it’s in the delivery of lessons and access of information, or in the analysis of all the data we have; it will help us better understand how we teach and how we learn, so that we can plan a better way forward.

I do not see that technology could every replace what a teacher does for a student. The true value that education can offer to the needs of a society can only come from the discernment and care of a human heart. 

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I lead a team of 20 plus musicians and singers every week in my church music ministry. I am one of the lead singers.

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