Meet the Need

Every generation is resolved to repair the world. This undertaking makes it vital our students learn they can make meaningful contributions to others or the planet. When young people understand the importance of meeting the needs of others, they gain a sense of purpose that can foster resilience and further their own success.

Opportunities are Everywhere

Opportunities to meet the needs of others exist everywhere. Our students do not have to tackle huge projects in faraway lands to reap the benefits that come from supporting others. There are many needy among us. Some are homeless or in shelters, while others are recovering in hospitals. Others may be their neighbours who need help with younger children or a student who needs a little more assistance in math and could use some help with their homework.

Students who help others, learn to see beyond themselves. When young people give, rather than just receive, they learn that the universe doesn’t revolve around them or owe them everything they wish for. Only then will they begin to see beyond their insulated, self-oriented circles. They will come to appreciate they are part of larger communities.

Serving the most vulnerable is an acknowledgement of the richness of our life and an expression of appreciation for all we have. When young people become cognisant of and show gratitude for all they have, they continue to pay forward their gifts with a heart of joy. And that is a powerful place to be.

Can I Be of Use to You?

Every time they practise the smallest act of service they are actually asking, ‘Can I be of use to you?’ and that form of giving alters the deeply embedded habit of self-centeredness. In that brief moment, they experience other-centredness, which allows them to let go of their own self-oriented predispositions that imperceptibly influence their choices.

To serve unconditionally in this way takes practice and constant effort. But with time and good modelling from adults, our students will begin to encounter the potential for transformation that is embedded in every act of generosity.

Each of our students has something good to offer others: their skills, material resources, connections, and presence. When they actually start to use these gifts as tools to facilitate giving, they begin to transform themselves and others.

Thank you

Sincerest thanks are extended to everyone in our community who so generously supported the needy during our annual Winter Appeal. May your lives, in turn, be blessed because you cared so much for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

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