Meet the Pubbles Crew!

The Santa Scoop) which allows students to pursue their talents and passion and display it to the school. I joined Pubbles because I love taking photos and learning about new things. I highly encourage everyone to join Pubbles as it is a fun co-curricular that everyone will enjoy.
Isabella Tinley, Year 8 Pubbles Leader

Pubbles enhances media skills, creates posters for people in the school community and takes and distributes photos of events. I joined Pubbles in Year 7, originally because my Homeroom teacher was running it and I thought it sounded like an enjoyable group. I thought I could learn more about media and take photos around the school, which is definitely what I enjoy most about Pubbles. Pubbles has also created on online Tumblr site called The Santa Scoop. This is a way for students, to connect with students! We create a way for them to go online, see enjoyable content and still get news of what’s going on around the school. If you are in Pubbles, then you can submit an article and everyone will have a chance to see your work. You can do this by sending your work to one of the leadership team members and they will upload it onto the Scoop.
Abigail Lennon, Year 10 Pubbles Leader

Pubbles enriches and strengthens the understanding of various media skills. I joined Pubbles because I loved media and was looking to further my knowledge in the subject. Pubbles is an inclusive community in which everyone’s opinion is valid. Students work on posters, upcoming events, articles etc. and upload them to The Santa Scoop. The Santa Scoop is a Tumblr webpage that showcases all of the work the members have worked on. By going onto the site you become informed about events beneficial to all students.
Kate van Ravestein, Year 10 Pubbles Leader

Pubbles is for people who want to further their media understanding and capabilities. I joined Pubbles because I love writing and creating designs and I wanted to do that in a group environment, which is what I enjoy most about this group. Pubbles has created a Tumblr website, The Santa Scoop where Pubbles members can collaborate and share their designs with the rest of the school.
Aisling Tyndall, Year 7 Pubbles Leader

If students would like to submit something for The Santa Scoop,  can email [email protected].

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