Meet the Rec Committee

It was a very busy week in Boarding, however, the members of the REC committee were able to meet on Friday morning at 7.00 am for a yummy breakfast meeting.

The committee were outstanding in sharing ideas, providing feedback and commencing our REC agenda for the rest of the term.

The REC Committee members are Zoe Smith, Maya Nicholls, Gracie Yewers, Erin Connaughton, Georgia Langford, Sienna McMasters, Ava Bennier, Sarah Currell, Bronnie Goss, Sigrid Goss, Sophie Blenchyden, Abby Hooper and Mackenize Goss. As you can see, the committee is in good hands with this fantastic group of leaders. Thank you, girls, for your commitment I look forward to breakfast meeting every second Friday. We will send the REC Agenda for the remainder of Term 1 via the app to all parents very shortly.

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