Memorable Moments for Year 11 Dads and Daughters

Bathers Beach House in Fremantle recently played host to an exciting event for Year 11 fathers and daughters.

The sun was shining brightly, creating the perfect setting for the occasion. The event kicked off with teams of eight fathers and daughters who engaged in a series of fun activities and challenges around the Esplanade and beach area. With mobile phones in hand, teams recorded photos and videos of each challenge, while Total Team Building, the organisers of the quest activities, kept track of the points earned by each team.

The challenges proved to be a huge hit with all the teams, and everyone had a great time.

From the Esplanade, they moved on to Bathers Beach House, where they were treated to refreshing drinks and delicious food. Teams eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners. Three teams emerged victorious and were awarded prizes and medals, adding to the fun of the evening.

As the night progressed, the attendees continued to relish the memorable experience. Stories were shared, and everyone danced to the music played by DJ Daniel. The stunning sunset over the ocean was a bonus, providing the perfect backdrop to capture the evening’s essence. The event was photographed, and videos of the quest activities were sent to the students and parents, allowing them to relive the fantastic experience.

The Father-Daughter event was a huge success. With a delightful ambience, enjoyable challenges, and scrumptious food, it provided an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

So, what did everyone think of the evening? Here’s some feedback from the dads and daughters who attended.

“The Father-Daughter event was a great night! The scavenger hunt got everyone involved and allowed the dads and daughters to be creative and collaborative together, and the food and dancing at Bathers Beach House was the perfect way to end the night.” Grace Westerhout

“It was great to do a special activity with Grace that we both really enjoyed. I thought the event was well organised, and everyone in our group had a fun time with the activities.’’ Brendon Westerhout

“This experience was a fun and engaging opportunity to spend some quality time with our dads, something that often gets lost in our busy lives but is invaluable nonetheless. My Dad and I had a beautiful time together and went away from the event, having some lovely memories of the evening.” Abigail Marra

“To be able to share with my daughter Abigail in a space where she could scheme, design, and collaborate with her friends was an indescribable honour. The fact that we danced the whole night through made me so proud to be her father. It was a sensational evening full of fun, spontaneity, and bravado. Well done, everyone,  dads and daughters alike!” David Hayden

“It was so great to be able to socialise with the other girls and teams, seeing everyone’s competitive spirit shine through. I loved the variety of activities that took us all over Fremantle’s beautiful landscape. The food was great too! A very fun experience overall.” Rainy Guimbeau

“The Father-Daughter event was awesome. Well organised, great to be able to compete with other teams, meet with the dads, and I think the girls all really enjoyed themselves.” Fred Guimbeau

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