Mentoring Program

The Year 9 IGNITE students have been offered an exciting opportunity, to be a part of Santa Maria College’s inaugural Mentor Program. The Mentor Program is a one to one working relationship between a Santa Maria College alumni and one of our Year 9 IGNITE students.

The program is a collaboration between the Old Girls Association and Santa Maria College. The participants have been matched on common interests and/or career goals, which were determined by a comprehensive survey and also conversations with both parties.

The girls and their parents met their mentors at the launch of the program on Thursday. This first meeting provided the girls with the opportunity to get to know their mentor and start to build a relationship.

Over the year the girls will meet with the mentors at least once a term to work on things such as goal setting, learning styles and communication skills. Most importantly, the mentors will be able to provide the girls with a positive role model as they start their journey into their senior years. This process is a journey which will be monitored in a safe and nurturing manner by the College’s Enrichment staff

It is hoped that this program develops lifelong connections for the girls. It will give them another adult who sees their talent and ability and who will assist, the girls in nurturing and developing these qualities.

Melanie Lee, Head of Enrichment

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