Mentoring Project Update

When I think about the mentor program, it exemplifies how we can consistently learn and grow from our interaction and experience with others. Coming into the program I was excited to develop my own mentoring skills. I have been fortunate to have some amazing mentors in my own life, so it was an opportunity to give back and share what I had learnt from these people.

 As my mentee and I develop the mentor/ mentee relationship throughout this year, I continuously learn that we have a lot to teach each other and that it really is a two-way relationship. I am really fortunate that we have been matched up really well with shared interests. It has also given me a chance to reflect on the pathways I have taken and where I was as a Year 9 student and how I would have approached situations and decisions then and how I do this now. There is a lot that we can share and learn from one another. Danica Hendry (2002)

Once a week, myself and four other ex-Santa students come to the learning plaza to tutor a group of year 7’s for 45 minutes and a group of year 8’s for another 45 minutes. We each have our own small group of students (usually about 4-6 girls per group) and we sit with them as they make their way through their daily home-work tasks and assignments.

Often, I start the night by asking the girls what they have been asked to do for home-work and ask what they have written down in their planner, and we go from there. With the year 7s it’s generally very hands-on as they like to be guided through their tasks, and continuously ask questions about how to approach their answers and ideas. With the year 8s, I find there’s a lot more independence among the girls, but they are always very engaged and enjoy asking questions about their assignments, such as what to incorporate into their oral presentations, or what to use for their science models.

Overall, it has been a very rewarding experience, one which I have really loved and continue to enjoy each week. The boarding girls are lovely and I really take pleasure from having a ‘big sister-type-role’ for the night.

Sophie Hammond (2016)

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