Mercy Schools’ Student Leaders Gather at St Brigid’s

In Perth, there are only three schools which come under the governance of Mercy Education – Mercedes College, St Brigid’s College and Santa Maria College. Last Friday a group of Year 12 leaders from these schools met together at St Brigid’s for a combined schools leadership afternoon.

During the afternoon, we enjoyed a lovely lunch and some intriguing discussion around the similarities and differences regarding student leadership between our schools, how we manage our leadership roles and how we practice school spirit.

As Santa Maria leaders, we were able to offer many insights into how our college runs and how we pursue school spirit through our carnivals and the House system, which the other schools were quite encouraged by.

One of the key take aways from this event, was to maintain contact with the other leaders, as they are implementing events such as fundraising for Telethon, similar to our own goals of fundraising in memory of former Head of Boarding, Ms Bulloch and parent, Mr Antonio. It was an insightful afternoon and a great way for the Mercy schools to bond.

Amy Treasure, Year 12, Head Boarder

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