Microbiologist Visits Brain Stem Classes

Through a CSIRO program, partnering scientists with teachers, microbiologist Dr Alyssa Van Dreumel visited Brain Stem classes this week.

Dr Van Dreumel spoke to the girls about neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. During her visit, students had the opportunity to model the ways proteins clump together in the brain, causing the debilitating symptoms associated with these conditions. Alyssa provided histological slides of stained human brain tissue for students to view under the microscope. She also shared stories about her career path as a microbiologist.

Students found the sessions to be valuable. Kayla Monaco (Year 10) said, “Alyssa’s presentation on neurological degenerative disorders was really interesting. I enjoyed learning about her experiences working at the CSIRO and studies in the microbiology field.”

Felicity Dixon (Year 10) commented, “I really enjoying hearing from an outside source who had a ton of experience and knowledge on degenerative diseases.” 

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