‘Midnight Bloom’ by Year 5s

From Left to Right: Grace Stephenson, Mila Machalek, Ivy Winspear, Indi Fulwood, Alice Gray, Alexis Worthington and Skyella Dragicevich.

‘Midnight Bloom’, the latest Visual Arts project by Year 5 students, has certainly shown off their painting skills and creativity!

Throughout Term 2, the girls have been focussing on the element of shape.

To put their knowledge into practice, students were tasked with creating a still life painting of a vase of flowers, painted onto a black canvas board, showcasing one primary colour. Their artwork was inspired by none other than Australian artist, Andria Beighton.

The end result? Some highly effective paintings that utilise striking shapes and flat colours! 

We had a chat with Kristy Herbert, Visual Arts Teacher, to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of the project.

“This task aimed to explore the relationship between complementary colours, to use the element of shape when creating a composition, and to gain an understanding of the genre of Still Life painting.”, says Kristy.

“Through this project, students have learned the importance of keen observation when drawing, patience when painting and how tonal variation of colour can indicate depth.”, added Kristy.

We look forward to seeing what our Year 5 students produce for their next project!

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