Mini Vinnies Spread Warmth with Prayers and Donations

Our dedicated co-curricular group, Mini Vinnies, recently took a step in their journey of compassion and community service. As part of their commitment to the Winter Appeal, the students wrote touching prayers for those suffering and for the agencies supporting those in need.

The Mini Vinnies students put their hearts into crafting these prayers, focusing on the struggles faced by many during the colder months and the vital work done by charitable agencies. These prayers have been compiled into beautiful booklets, now a special addition to each of the Years 5 and 6 classrooms. These booklets will serve as a reminder throughout the term of the importance of our donations and the impact they have on the lives of others.

Inspiration Behind the Prayers

The inspiration behind these prayers is as moving as the prayers themselves. Here are the stories of three students and what motivated their heartfelt words:

Angelique, Class 5.4

“My inspiration for this was for when I see the homeless sleeping on the street, and it showed me that not everybody has what we have.”

Angelique’s Prayer

Dear God, please give this beautiful Australian community some hope and faith to help those in need. Please try to give them a better life than what they have now. Amen

Ivy, Class 5.4

“What inspired me to write this prayer was the thought of all the volunteers helping to give people a home. In case that happens to them I hoped that God would have mercy on them and help them get back on their feet. I also thought about all the homeless people struggling to do day-to-day things, so I hoped that they would get the help they need to get a job and be able to provide for their families again.”

Ivy’s Prayer

Dear God, please help all the agencies who provide for all Australians living in poverty. Please help all those struggling and in need find support and be able to get back on their feet soon. May all the people in the agencies be blessed for their good work because they are helping others. Amen

Imogen, Class 5.5

“My inspiration for this prayer was hoping that the people who use the services at Saint Vincent de Paul’s would have enough to eat and drink. So I decided to write a prayer to God, making sure that the agency takes in enough to care for these people.”

Imogen’s Prayer

Dear God, please pray for the agency at Saint Vincent’s hoping they bring in enough donations for people in need. Please guide their way and save lives. Amen.

Our Mini Vinnies are not only collecting donations but also fostering a spirit of empathy and reflection within our school community. By combining their efforts in prayer and action, they are learning the true meaning of giving and the powerful role they play in supporting those less fortunate.

As we continue with our Winter Appeal, let’s take inspiration from our Mini Vinnies. Their prayers remind us that our contributions, no matter how small, can bring warmth and hope to those in need. Let’s keep their compassionate spirit alive as we work together to make a difference.

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