Ministry Team: Intergenerational Program

The Ministry team have initiated an intergenerational program with the residents of Carinya Aged Care in Bicton.

During Term 1, 30 handwritten letters were given to the residents and delivered just in time for Easter. Replies have been coming from the residents and in this way, students hope to keep the connection between young and old going, especially given that visits to the Aged Care facility are still restricted.

This term, students donated items suitable to create winter care packs for the residents. Socks, beanies, scarves, and coffee keep cup were carefully wrapped and accompanied by hand painted cards created by Year 12 Ministry member, Ruby Klass.

Ministry members then wrote personal messages of encouragement in the cards to the residents to let them know that they have not been forgotten. It is the desire of the Ministry team look for ways to keep the connection between them and the residents going, albeit virtually, until physical contact can again be made.

The benefits of an intergenerational program:

  • It gives the elderly something to look forward to and something to do.
  • It reduces some of their isolation and potentially relieves or lessens their depression because they know someone out their cares for them.
  • They share their wisdom through their stories, and they learn new things from the younger generation.
  • Encourages bonding between the generations.

The girls were very excited that their care packs have been delivered. They will meet early in Term 3 to discuss how they can further develop the program which is mutually beneficial to them and the residents.  

Jilly Landers | Director Of Mission

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