Mission Blog: Everyone Deserves A Home

Homelessness in Australia is a growing crisis! On any given night, more than 116,000 Australians are experiencing homelessness, and thousands more are at risk. A large group of homeless Australians are families with young children. What is even more concerning is the number of homeless young people.

Raising Awareness

Homelessness Australia’s annual campaign, which occurs from 1 – 7 August, seeks to raise awareness around people experiencing homelessness, the concerns they face, and the action needed to reach permanent solutions. A greater understanding of homelessness among Australians is pivotal to driving change! The more we are aware of the issue, the deeper our understanding will be, which can ultimately stir us to action.

During the past week, our own Young Vinnies service group have taken the lead in raising awareness of the issue facing an increasing number of Australians. Students in Religious Education classes participated in several awareness-raising activities. Students learned about the enormity of the problem and ways they can help.

The Facts

  • Homelessness is a growing crisis in our country.
  • Australia does not have sufficient low-income housing.
  • More women are experiencing family and domestic violence, a leading cause of homelessness. 
  • Reduced or low income, unexpected job losses, failed businesses, and rising living costs are making times challenging right now.
  • Individuals and families of all ages are struggling and at risk of losing their homes.

 We can help by: 

  • Supporting people before they become homeless. 
  • Offering meals or accommodation to people experiencing a homelessness crisis. 
  • Supporting relief agencies that provide emergency meals, housing, and financial aid to the homeless, like the Salvation Army and the St Vincent de Paul Society.
  • Removing the stereotypes about homeless people, as they negatively impact our response to the problem.
  • Showing gratitude for what we have instead of complaining about what we do not have.

Everyone deserves a home! Food, shelter, access to clean water and education are basic needs. We can and must do better to support the weakest amongst us. 

When we crawl into our warm beds every night, after a warm meal and a hot shower, remember to thank God for blessing us and spare a thought for many who are not as fortunate as we are.

Jilly Landers | Director of Mission

Source: https://www.salvationarmy.org.au/

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