Moments of Soul

Moments of Soul

This term, the Year 8 group was charged with seeking solutions to a problem during their Enhanced Learning Program, Explore 8. Guest speaker, Catherine Kolomyjec (1986) from Soul Gestures challenged them to think about this, “Your solution may be something that changes the world, but it is just as important to change one person’s life. Think about your actions, as you do not know the impact that you may have on someone’s life. In working out the solution what if we saw moments of potential rather than the problem?”

Catherine talked about her 40 years of community work since leaving school and that the best solutions to issues that she has faced have been the unexpected. By flipping issues on their head, looking outside of the box, and not always taking the easy option, Catherine has had some wonderful experiences in her career.

Catherine encouraged the girls to take away three lessons:

  1. Actively listen
  2. Understand the layers
  3. Work out the impact on the individual, their family, and the wider community.

In seeking solutions in the work that Catherine has undertaken, she looks for her ‘fairy dust’ and asks, “Will what you are doing bring joy?” Catherine challenged the girls to not be afraid to work on the margins and that some of the most important issues may not be popular or cool.

Catherine shared some of the fantastic projects that Soul Gestures has been involved in, spreading joy to many people who have been affected by COVID 19. 2020 Great Postcard Project was an amazing gesture for the people stuck on board the Ship Artania that brought great joy.

This organisation was also involved in kindness deliveries of flowers, letters, groceries, and gifts for people affected by COVID 19 during 2020. Catherine explained to the girls what happens to your body when you do something kind, and that time is more important than money in finding solutions.

Catherine’s strong connection to the College has been evident through her life with very close friends from her days at Santa Maria. She says she lives by the words of Sister Sheila Sawle, ‘If it is to be it is up to me’.

If you would like any further details about what Soul Gestures has been up to during 2020 please see the link below.


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