Monet to Dance with the Royal Ballet School

Congratulations to Monet Hinscliff (Year 8) who has auditioned and has been accepted to dance in Hong Kong with the Royal Ballet School (London).

This is a huge opportunity for Monet, the Royal Ballet School is an elite school and it is very difficult to get into this school to train. Monet is ahead of her ballet peers as she is an Advanced RAD ballet student at only 12 years of age. The Royal Ballet School is based in London, but they travel the world to offer elite students the opportunity to train with them. Monet works very hard and trains long hours at her ballet school – Katharine Mantle. She trains up to, and sometimes in excess of, 15 hours per week.

Monet is also at The West Australian Ballet Company and is part of their Masterclass Program. She trains with the WA Ballet every Monday.

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