Mother Daughter Breakfast

On Sunday 10 June, the Fremantle Sailing Club was filled with Year 12 students and their mothers for the traditional Mother Daughter Breakfast. This event follows on from the Year 11 Father Daughter Dinner. It was a lovely morning for the girls to celebrate the importance of mothers and other special women in the lives of our Year 12 students.

Whilst the weather outside was unkind, inside there was hot tea and coffee on arrival and a chance to chat and have photos taken against a flower wall to mark the occasion. Guests were treated to moving musical performances from parent Jane King, with a song to daughters on behalf of mothers, and student Sinead Smithies, with a song to mothers on behalf of daughters.

Following a delicious buffet breakfast, guest speakers Jane and Erin Langworthy spoke about the special bond they have as mother and daughter, and how even as an adult, Erin relied on her Mum, following a serious accident whilst travelling overseas. There were many great messages of perseverance, closeness and the importance of family and also a reminder that we are never too old to need our mother’s advice – in Erin’s case, advice that helped save her life.

A special thank you to our photographer, Nadia Ali, and also to the wonderful team of parent helpers who worked to create beautiful centrepieces, and tables filled with touching quotes and advice for both mothers and daughters. The breakfast was a special time together as a cohort and amongst friends, and below, students have shared some of their reflections on the morning.

Rebecca Kinsella, Dean of Students – Year 12

I enjoyed the warmth and love that was at the Mother Daughter Breakfast. I loved being able to see mums that I grew up with in primary school and see the loving relationships between each mother and daughter. Jessica Wilkes

I really enjoyed the Mother Daughter Breakfast as it brightened an otherwise grey and gloomy day (a danger to my specially-straightened hair) and was an overall memorable event.  Eva Cocks

The Mother Daughter Breakfast was a great opportunity to take time out and re-connect with our mums. Ruby Mavrick

I enjoyed the Mother Daughter Breakfast because I was able to catch up with my mum, which as a boarder isn’t something I get to do every weekend. Being able to spend a weekend with her was great. Kirsten Jenzen

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