Year 7 Mother Daughter Evening

The Mother Daughter Evening, held on Wednesday, was a great time for mothers and daughters to come together for some quiet, reflective time together while they shared stories and common experiences. Mothers and daughters worked through a journal together which stimulated much conversation. It is hoped that these conversations and the sharing of thoughts in the journal will continue well into the future. It was a great event in the lead up to Mother’s Day for the Year 7s and their mums.

Tracy Webster – Dean of Year 7 & Mercy Wellbeing Coordinator

I really enjoyed the Mother Daughter Evening. It was a great time just to sit and talk to your Mum and just catch up with each other. As a boarder having my mum there was really special and I really enjoyed the time to talk and catch up with each other’s lives.

Grace Peacock – Year 7, O’Reilly

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