Moulin Rouge: Behind the Scenes

Our Year 10 Drama students were excited to attend a behind-the-scenes experience of Moulin Rouge at Crown Theatre recently. The girls attended “Get Technical! Behind the Curtain of Moulin Rouge! The Musical!” The event offered an unprecedented and exclusive opportunity for students to see what goes on behind the scenes to create this musical extravaganza. The girls were blown away by the performances, costumes, sets, lighting, and everything in between.

The event started with the cast performing the opening musical number from the show. It then peeled away to reveal all the mechanics, operations and people who bring the show together.

Aeva Veitch said, “It was spectacular and inspiring,” while Lily Sprigg commented, “It was a magical experience. It gave me a new respect for behind the scenes and the work that the cast and crew undertake.”

This unique opportunity gave the students an insight into different career opportunities in the world of theatre. Although not of the same budget as a show like Moulin Rouge, the girls now have a greater appreciation of what it takes to put our College productions together. The experience is sure to give them greater insight into how they might use sound, lighting, costuming, and set design to enhance their performances.

The importance and benefits of these kinds of experiences for students cannot be overstated. The College Production of Jane Eyre is just around the corner, and many of the Year 10 students are involved both on stage and behind the scenes. This experience will undoubtedly help them in their roles and enhance their understanding of the production process.

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