Music Camp – 2019

Last week, music students from Years 5 – 12 headed off to the Ern Halliday campsite in Hillarys for their annual Music Camp.  We asked Music Captain Katia Fernandes about the experience and the importance of the camp.

Music Camp is important because, at camp, it doesn’t matter which age group you are in, we all participate in the same groups for the same outcome. At camp, many students find themselves making significant relationships with girls from other Year groups, and in doing so, we strengthen our sense of community as a department. Music Camp gives us a dedicated amount of time where we get to fully immerse ourselves in our instruments and ensembles – without the stress of a school day.

Upon arrival at Music Camp, we are separated into our Year groups to organise our dorms before we begin our first rehearsal. At this first rehearsal, we are grouped into our respective ensembles and choirs and shown pieces of music for the first time – music which we have to then perform at the concert three days after receiving it.

As Music Captain, I organised night-time activities for all the girls. On the first night, the Year 12s pick a movie for everyone to watch (this year we watched Hannah Montana: The Movie). On the second night, everyone participated in a fun Disney-themed dress-up, followed by a quiz and finally, on the third night, we held our annual Music Camp Talent Night, which allowed girls to showcase their own personal talents. This night, in particular, was very special for the Year 12s, as not only did the Year 11s perform a skit dedicated to our class, but we were able to formally thank Mr Kinsella and the department through our own skit. It also provided me with the opportunity to express my gratitude to my Year 12 music peers.

We asked some of the girls what the best thing about camp was for them.

The best part of the Music Camp was spending time with people from different year groups whilst doing what we all love – music! I also got the opportunity to play percussion in the Symphonic Orchestra, which I am usually not in. Though it was a new challenge for me, it was rewarding to learn different instruments. Jessica Tan

The best part of Music Camp for me was strengthening relationships with other girls in the Music Department, as we spend so much time together learning repertoire in a short amount of time. I really enjoy making connections with other Year groups, through choirs and ensembles, because as Year 12s we have an opportunity to expand our friendships across Years 5 – 12 and make an impact on the music program.

On our last night of Music Camp, which was talent night, the Year 11s performed a farewell skit to us, which was an amazing gift and has always been a highlight of music camp. I am really grateful for all the moments we have shared with the music girls this year on Music Camp. Gabby Hardwick

The best part of Music Camp was being able to connect with girls, both in my Year and across the other Year groups. Whilst being in bands and choirs is a sound opportunity to meet girls from other Years, Music Camp is a time of gathering and connecting. I am deeply grateful for the memories I made during the 2019 Music Camp. Alanah-Shermaine Linn

The best part of Music Camp for me was coming together as a music community to put 110% effort in towards the final performance. In both the choir and ensemble rehearsals, we were able to have fun, learn, laugh, sing and play our instruments. Not only did I love rehearsing but also getting to know the younger girls and enjoying the night time activities. Life without Music Camp would B flat. Stephanie Tory

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