Music with a Message

Our Year 10 Music class put on a lunchtime concert this week, where they performed group compositions that raise awareness of issues the girls were passionate about. They performed to the Year 12 Music class, as well as some of their teachers who they felt would resonate with some of the topics.

Head of Religious education, Clare O’Connor said “Thank you so much for the invitation to today’s concert. To be invited was super special and then I was blown away by the talent and skill of the students! Some of the songs brought me to tears, they were so moving and heartfelt. It was evident that much collaboration and many hours of rehearsal went into your creations. Well done to you all for such great work”.

Below are videos of each of the performances.


by Lucy Dal Molin, Grace Peacock, and Emma Hall
We wrote our song based on the importance of stranger danger for children. We have used lots of rhyme and ways that children stay safe and out of danger.  Our chorus is fun and catchy!

Our song is called ‘Stranger Danger’


by Sienna Romeri, Ally Hackett, Lauren Winship, and Abbey Winship.
We chose to write our song about the issues affecting women in society as we felt empowered in an all-girls’ school to speak about the pressures women face every day. Each verse focuses on a different aspect, such as how women dress, how women behave, and difficulties we might face in the future.

Our song is called ‘The Puppet Master’


by Niamh Smithies, Kaylee Fong, and Abby Young. 
We composed this song to raise awareness of the treatment of refugees around the world.  We start our song by reciting a quote from a young refugee who was alone in the Woomera Detention Centre in South Australia in 2002. We wrote our lyrics from the perspective of this unaccompanied minor, to help understand what refugees must be going through. 

Our song is called ‘Trapped in these Walls’


by Charlotte Parsons, April Lea, and Claudia Cirocco.
We wrote this song to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, especially for young people who might be experiencing depression and anxiety.  We also wanted to educate others about the impact mental health can have on physical, spiritual, and emotional health.  Mental health is becoming a more prevalent issue in our society today and we wanted to emphasise the importance of a solid support system.

Our song is called ‘New Day’

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