My Chinese Exchange Student Experience

This week, the Year 8 students were very excited to welcome ten Year 8 students from China on a two-week cultural exchange. The students arrived on Tuesday afternoon and met with their host sisters and families. The girls were very nervous as they went off with their families to experience life in Australia.

Our students have enjoyed trying out some Chinese phrases and assisting the visiting students to improve their English skills. The Chinese girls have attended classes and have spent some time sight-seeing around Perth.

We have also been joined by some of the visiting Chinese teachers, including the Principal from the school the students are from, LiuZhou Derun School. The teachers were able to observe a variety of classes and were excited to gain knowledge of some different teaching methods and compare the two school systems.

Connie Quattrini, Head of Languages & Marsha Pengilly, Dean of Students – Year 8我的中国交换学生体验

I am hosting Yuxin Lu; her English name is Lucy. When Lucy first arrived, we watched The Smurfs and enjoyed a delicious stir-fry. The next day was Lucy’s first day of school. Our first subject was Maths, where Lucy excelled and happily enjoyed showing off what she knew.

Over the next two days, Lucy went to Drama, HaSS, English, Religious Education, Science, French and Dance classes, in which Lucy participated happily and learned about our culture as Australians. Lucy also had two tough days of overcoming the language barrier and is becoming more fluent in English.

As Lucy’s host sister, I have learnt a few Chinese words as well, so that we can communicate better. Today Lucy will be going into the city to enjoy a day out. In the afternoon, some of the other Chinese students and their host sisters will join Lucy and I on the bus to Garden City where they will shop for souvenirs and local Australian food.

Chantelle Firth (Year 8, Kelly)

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