My Town: Jasmine Norrish

In this week’s ‘My Town’ series, Year 12 boarder and student leader, Jasmine Norrish shares information about her hometown of Boddington. 

I am from Boddington, a small town 123 km south-west from Perth. I’m very lucky, as it only takes two hours to travel home from Boarding. Our town is widely known for its mining industry, we have two mines in town, including the South 32 Bauxite Mine and the Newmont Boddington Gold Mine, which is the largest gold mine in the southern hemisphere.

Boddington is beautiful and a lovely town to live in.  As you drive through the valley and over the picturesque Hotham river, you can see a town with a strong sense of community and many friendly, supportive people who are eager to welcome.

The local football club, the ‘Boddington Eagles’, are the pride of the town and they won the Upper Great Southern Football Premiership in 2019. We also are also known as the sculpture capital of Western Australia as a local artist, Len Zuks, produces many sculptures which decorate the town.

My town is special as each year we hold a huge rodeo on the first weekend of November, which is an incredibly important event in our community. The rodeo is the largest in WA and people from all over the world come to our little town, which makes for quite a busy weekend. Boddington is a thriving place and I encourage everyone to take a short drive down to our beautiful community.

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