My Town: Lily Haeusler

Hi, my name is Lily Haeusler I live-in small-town Carnamah, 307 km north of Perth which is a three and a half hour drive but with all road works their doing at the moment it tends to take a lot longer.

Carnamah is in the Midwest region so most people in our area are farmers and livestock owners or do something in relation to that. Carnamah is a small town but has a strong sense of community spirit that is felt by all locals, which are proactive in offering most services. We are fortunate to have multiple sporting clubs (netball, basketball, football, hockey, bowls, tennis, badminton, dancing, swim club) which the town thrives off. Saturdays during winter sports season is designated to travelling and competing against other towns in the North Midlands.

We have the North Midlands Project that operates from the art gallery or the exchange helping to improve the community’s quality of life, health and well-being through the arts, culture and heritage. We also have some fine-dining options down our main street, including the local pub which has a competitive game of chase the ace and our new vintage café One L of A Good Feed, which does a scrumptious steak sambo.

Although Carnamah is a small town it does start to buzz in wildflower season with people staying at the Caravan Park, visiting our museum, the Macpherson Homestead, seeing the sights of flowers and our amazing night sky viewing. There’s the Harvest Festival that happens once a year which has many activities some being the long table lunch, art classes and old tractors. Carnamah is a town that many people are guilty for staying a little too long at because of the constant sense of belonging people feel from the locals.
Growing up in Carnamah was like having an extra large extended family that always made you feel welcome and comfortable which is what I love so much about it.

For a small country town we’re fortunate to have so many opportunities offered, with something to suit everyone and there is always an upcoming event which makes going home so much more exciting.

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