Mythbusters Science Fair

Myth Busters is a fun Science elective where students learn more about the scientific method and participate in project-based, hands-on learning while designing an experiment of their choice.

Year 7 students have just completed their MythBusters Science fair experiments and presented them today in a Science Fair to parents and other students. This is the culmination of their Semester 1 work.

Below are some of the topics the girls investigated:

  • Does changing the appearance of food affect our perception of taste?
  • Does bullying a plant cause it to grow slower compared to a plant that has kind words spoken to it?
  • Does chocolate decrease your concentration levels?
  • Does the wearing of a fuzzy onesie increase the likelihood of hugs, compared to wearing school uniform?
  • Does eating sugar affect your ability to do exercise?
  • How does the density of an object affect its ability to float?
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