National Volunteers Week

National Volunteer Week is an opportunity for us to recognise the work of volunteers and to show our appreciation of their vital contribution to society.

In our year of Service, we recognise the generosity and dedication of our students who regularly volunteer their time to assist others. Service at the College is an integral part of our community because it allows students to practice and fulfil the teachings of Jesus, but it is also personally fulfilling.

There are many options to enable students to complete their Service Program. These can include something as simple as assisting their family or parish or being more directly involved in the wider community through agencies such as MercyCare and Chorus. Students can also join a service co-curricular at school, where they contribute less directly to those in need by doing things such as sewing capes for kids in the hospital, creating care packs or cooking meals.

The opportunities given to students through the service program enable them to understand how they can make a difference in the wider community.

The following video is from Myra Lee (Year 11), who talks about her service program and how it has impacted her.  

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