Meet Amanda – New Head of Library & Information

This term sees the new Head of Library and Information, Amanda Crossley, join the Santa Maria team. We asked her the following questions to get to know a little bit about her.

What were you doing before starting at Santa Maria College?
Prior to Santa Maria, I worked at Penrhos College in Learning Technologies and in the Library. I just love the convergence of literacies and technology.  Prior to this, I enjoyed my creative streak as a Drama teacher, and I used to be a stage manager in theatre. It seems being creative and using technology have been common passions of mine. I’m looking forward to the new adventures Santa Maria will bring!

What opportunities has digital technology provided libraries?
Emerging technologies have made libraries very exciting spaces. Not only can we read online, but we can create our own content, from green screen fun to 360-degree cameras to make our very own virtual reality footage.

What is your vision for the Santa Maria Library?
I see libraries as flexible spaces where students develop their 21st-century skills. I believe the library should provide opportunities for real-world problem solving where students can critically and creatively think. The library is a collaborative space allowing students to work in small groups to whole classes. Of course, it is a space that’s all about reading for pleasure – finding a good book and allowing your imagination to take hold.

How can libraries connect learning to life?
The internet is such a fantastic way of accessing information at our fingertips. Libraries help students locate the right information to understand, manage, apply and repurpose it. I think that information literacy is paramount to the 21st learner in negotiating their way through eons of information that the internet brings us.

How do you relax?
Well, of course, I like to read in a comfy spot in my house. Nothing beats a good book! I’ve also started listening to podcasts recently, and I have to say, several have made it very difficult to put the headphones down. When I’m not reading and listening to podcasts, I like spending time with my family, friends and my dog, Max.

What is your favourite book?
It’s certainly hard to narrow this down to one book. I have a soft spot for the Earth’s Children series by Jean M Auel. My current favourite Young Adult book is The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James. It’s about a girl who is the only surviving crew member of a spacecraft.

What A Term! So Many Opportunities – Jennifer Oaten

As I look back on the past nine weeks, I am so grateful for who we are as a community and what we have achieved. Through the dedication of our staff and the enthusiasm of our students, we have established new connections, immersed ourselves in opportunities and worked through challenges.

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