New Strategic Plan 2021-2025 – Jennifer Oaten

Santa Maria College is pleased to share with our community our Strategic Plan 2021-2025, which our governing body Mercy Education has now approved.

The development of our plan commenced in July 2020 with ‘Create the Change’, our consultation phase where we sought input from our community. Consultation with staff, students, parents, College Advisory Council and Alumni occurred.

The College Executive was then part of several Strategy Days with an external consultant who encouraged our thinking to be future focussed, yet ensuring our Catholic and Mercy ethos remained central.

We worked with various groups to develop our contemporary Mission and Vision Statements which are the foundation of our Strategic Plan. Our Mercy Values were redefined to be relevant to students.

The five pillars that form our strategic framework were developed, following the grouping of the ‘Create the Change’ ideas.

The five pillars are:

  • Faith
  • Learning for Life
  • Social Innovation
  • Community Activation
  • Financial Sustainability

We aligned our ‘Create the Change’ ideas to the pillars, then prioritised each of these, and from this, we established our strategic opportunities. These sit within each pillar.

Feedback was sought from community members regarding the proposed mission, vision, and values, along with the proposed pillars and strategic opportunities. We received feedback from 118 staff and 80 parents via a survey.

We are currently developing an action plan. The action plan is our working document which comprises a list of tasks that enable us to meet our strategic objectives. It provides us with the framework for thinking.  It links to our Mercy Charter, includes a timeline to keep on task, has provided our staff opportunities to be involved, and ensures we evaluate each action within the action plan.

I thank everyone who contributed to developing our Strategic Plan. Thank you for your time, energy and ideas to create what I believe is an exciting and progressive plan. I look forward to providing updates on our progress with implementation.

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