New Year 7 Leaders Elected

Servant leadership was the theme underpinning a small gathering today, where newly elected Year 7 Leaders were commissioned in the College Chapel.

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, the Year group and parents were unable to be present in-person to wish the new leaders well. However, we know they were present in their thoughts and we hope they enjoy these photos marking the special occasion. 

Head Girl, Jasmine Chow, and Deputy Head Girl, Tolu Sorunmu, led a prayer for leadership and assisted Principal, Jennifer Oaten, in commissioning the 16 leaders. Thank you to our Year 7 Homeroom Teachers and members of the College Leadership Team for supporting the leaders at this small, yet very special, ceremony.

Zoe Smith, a boarding student who was elected to serve O’Donnell House said, “I’m excited to help my fellow classmates and boarders.” 

The Year 7s were reminded of the importance of serving others when Year 12 House Captains visited each Homeroom last term. They discussed how leadership is defined by service, rather than focusing on self. These senior students also highlighted how every student has the capacity to lead by contributing to the life of the College and leading by example.

We wish the newly commissioned Year 7 Leaders all the very best in serving their peers and encourage all students to embrace the notion of leading through service to others.

Below are the newly elected leaders.

Natalia Buckland
Nina Tavani

Elessia Gauci
Ruby Morris

de la Hoyde
Parker Brindle (Year 7 Captain)
Ella Patching

Annika Conte
Lola McGoldrick

Pia Jones
Eva Longstaff

Ruby Mastaglia (Year 7 Captain)
Isla Thong

Mikayla Merrifield
Zoe Smith

Olivia Dowling
Penelope Hache

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