Class of 2017 University Scholarship Recipients

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L to R: Amber Withers, Neeve Palandri, Olivia Daniels, Meg Huston, Jessica Brown, Emily Hutchinson, Janine Ong and Sara Ciccarelli

Each year Santa Maria College nominates Year 12 students of high academic standing for a wide range of scholarship opportunities offered by universities for study both here in Perth, nationally or internationally. These scholarships offer financial support and enhance the portfolio of achievements for our high achievers. Receiving a scholarship rewards academic excellence and also provides opportunities for students to study courses they are passionate about, realise their academic potential, become involved in the latest research projects, and source a wide range of exciting career choice when their studies are completed.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Curtin Excellence Scholarship.

Jessica Brown
Sarah Ciccarelli
Olivia Daniels
Meg Huston
Emily Hutchinson
Ruby McLernon
Neeve Palandri
Courtney Withers

In addition, the Curtin Principal’s Recommendation Award was won by Janine Ong.

We congratulate the scholarship winners for their academic achievement, and wish them well for their studies and future careers.

Claire Newton, Dean of Students, Year 12 (2017)

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