Girls Hit the Surf in Margaret River

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The Year 12 Outdoor Education class travelled down south for their Surf Expedition on the last week of Term 1 and over the first weekend of the holidays.

Below, Outdoor Education Co-ordinator Rosie Barter reflects on the camp.

We had an absolutely fantastic time and the trip was a great success. The students were energetic, positive and cooperative and I was very proud of how they represented SMC. We rarely had any complaints over the five days, even on the bush walk to the second campsite after a five-hour surf session, even during the post camp clean up and pack down!

It was fantastic to see students developing their surf skills, knowledge and confidence in the water. They absolutely loved tackling every challenge head on, including paddling out the back and punching through the swell to catch a decent green wave. The girls also ran activities in pairs for the rest of the group as part of their leadership assessment task, and each activity presented was very well executed and lots of fun!

On the last day of the trip, we were lucky to be taken on a tour of the Margaret River Pro (before the shark attacks). We have a close relationship with Surfing WA and were extremely grateful to them for organising the tour. We thought we would just be shown around and see things from afar, but were taken into all the restricted access areas at the end of the tour including: the athlete family area and the ‘Gold Class’ lounge where all the big shot sponsors etc watched the Pro. We were taken into the athlete locker rooms where we saw Owen Wright. Even our tour guide was surprised we got access. We also visited the commentator’s box where our visit was announced over the microphone!

Below are highlights from some of the girls:

What I loved most about the surf expedition was being able to appreciate all the small things such as our friendships growing closer, laughs shared around dinner and the challenge of surfing. Ruby Mavrick

I absolutely loved how we were able to develop our skills on a surfboard with professionals that were able to give amazing advice to help us improve. I also loved the company of everyone involved, as they all contributed to making camp such a happy and memorable experience. Laura Scott

My favourite things were coming together and bonding as a group during the camp, which made it such a positive experience as well as being able to surf and enjoy being in the water for so long and at the locations we were at.  Monica Voncina

The activities that we did on the beach the first day we arrived at camp. Luisa Dowsett

Not having our phones and the fires each night. Maddie Joy


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