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O’Donnell House has been crowned 2019 swimming champions at an assembly for the whole school this morning. With the completion of the Years 5 and 6 carnival on Friday, the results were tallied and O’Donnell took out the shield. Points from the swimming carnivals go towards the McAuley Shield presented on Mercy Day in Term 3.

Below are the final results.

Results from the Years 7 – 12 Carnival


1st O’Donnell House
2nd Frayne House
3rd Dillon House
4th Kelly House
5th Byrne House
6th Corbett House
7th de la Hoyde
8th O’Reilly

Results from the Years 5 & 6 Carnival


1st O’Reilly
2nd Byrne
3rd Frayne
4th Corbett
5th Kelly and de la Hoyde
6th O’Donnell
7th Dillon

Overall Swimming Results

O'Donnell House Captains India Patel and Tayah Medlen

1st           O’Donnell       2764.5
2nd         Frayne             2724.5
3rd          Byrne              2653
4th          Dillon              2631.5
5th          Kelly                2631
6th          Corbett           2579
7th          de la Hoyde    2543
8th          O’Reilly           2497

Champion Girls & Runner Up Champion Girls


Champion Girl

Year 5 Lucinda Coffey
Year 6 Bianca Stanes
Year 7 Alyssa Monaco
Year 8 Chantrea Marston
Year 9 Kayla Monaco
Year 10 Georgia Mack
Year 11 Megan Cranley
Year 12 Anna Monaghan

Runner Up Champion Girl

Year 5 Naomi Karczub
Year 6 Tenille Pretorius
Year 7 Ava Forrest
Year 8 Maya Kenny
Year 9 Alexandra Hackett
Year 10 Pia Donovan
Year 11 Emily Cleaver
Year 12 Bianca Petite

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