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The Santa Maria College Film Crew hosted the second annual Silver Screen Awards (SSA) this week. The night was a wonderful success, complete with red carpet and paparazzi snapping shots of all who attended.

The SSA is an opportunity for all Santa Maria students to enter film clips that they have created throughout the year. Whether it be part of their school work or just a hobby, all is accepted. The students enter their clip into one of five categories; Animation, Documentary, Music Videos, Promotional and Short Film. Once all the entries were received, they were judged, and a winner and runner-up were chosen for each category. These clips were then showcased on the evening and the winner was announced. Both the runner-up and the winner received a free movie ticket and a certificate to acknowledge their accomplishment.

The winners and runners-up of each category were as follows:


Winner: Esther Nicholls (Year 11)
Outback with Grandpa

Runner-up: Mia Northcott (Year 11)
Catch Morque


Winner: Chelsea Williamson and Molly Johns (Year 10)
The Bionic Heart

Runner-up: Jessica Gooding and Mikayla Wohlsein (Year 8)
Look in the Mirror

Music Video

Winner: Cleo Kenny, Monique D’Amato, Isabella Hubbard, Holly Nuich (Year 9)

Runner-up: Jessica Miller, Alyssa Bassett & Grace Robertson (Year 9)


Winner: Sofia Basso Betancourt (Year 11)
Wendy & Peter Pan

Runner-up: Isabella Foster (Year 9)
Hunt for the WilderPeople Trailer mash-up

Short Film

Winner: Imogene Dzodz, Abbey Sullivan, Bella Liddy-Morrow and Georgia Willett (Year 8)
The Misadventures of Mr McThink, Think 1 and Think 2

Runner-up: Dilara Wijesinghe, Ali Hackett, April Lea, and Kat Denner (Year 8)
The Dare

It was a fun evening complete with a photo booth and of course, popcorn.

A huge thank you to all who attended and supported the students and to all those who helped in the organisation of the evening, especially Georgia Piggott, 2019 Media Captain, the Film Crew Co-curricular students and the Pubbles paparazzi.

We look forward to another amazing evening next year which we hope to make bigger and even more extravagant.

Patrick Thomas, Film Crew Co-curricular Co-ordinator


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