5 Ways Your Child Will Fall In Love With Reading

Encouraging children to read gives them skills to be academically successful as well as providing a tool for good mental health and an independent form of pleasure that will last a lifetime. Here are 5 ways you can help your child build a ‘bookmance’ with reading!

  1. Take your child on a ‘date’ to the library or a book shop. There are so many beautiful examples of both in Perth. For example, have you visited the stunning new City of Perth Library yet? Take a wander through Perth’s newest mini cultural precinct and grab a milkshake or ice-cream later for the perfect parent/daughter time.
  2. Buy books and magazines as gifts. Purchasing and giving a book of any type tells your child that books and the ideas they contain are precious and worthy of their attention. Magazines on interest topics such as music are an inexpensive way to promote reading and you don’t have to wait for a special occasion.
  3. Buy your child an eReader. The novelty and enjoyment of a new digital device won’t be lost on your child and they can fill it with free ebooks from the College collection.
  4. Make a weekly ritual of reading with your child. Your child will value 10 minutes of your positive attention and company no matter what age. If your child is older, sit down together and read separate books. Up to around Year 8 reading to your child can be something they will enjoy. Don’t underestimate how your voice warms your child’s heart.
  5. Join a book club together. Join an existing club or start one yourself. Book clubs are great opportunities to build a child’s comprehension by discussing their reading and they help build friendships and social skills. If you are interested in being part of a mothers and daughters book club currently planned at SMC register your interest via a quick email to the College library via [email protected]

Tracey Rouhainen | Joint Head of Sawle Literature & Research Centre

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