Night of the Notables

Anne Frank
My favourite experience of Night of the Notables was setting up our display and getting dressed. This was fun because it was really exciting bringing in the artefacts and posters to school and chatting with friends the whole time while setting up. It was also really enjoyable to pretend you were your notable and speaking from their perspective. I loved the Night of the Notables experience so much because I made great friends and had so much fun! Aeva Veitch

 Audrey Hepburn
I enjoyed being Audrey Hepburn because I felt like the star of the show and I got to answer lots of questions and it was really fun when people came around to my desk and took my giveaways. My favourite part of IGNITE was the actual Night of the Notables. It was really fun setting up and decorating my desk and having people congratulate me for all the work I have done. Alyssa Mulgat

Nancy Wake
I enjoyed the Night of the Notables because I got to be an inspirational person, I also liked telling everyone about my notable person. My favourite part of IGNITE was the Night of the Notables because I was able to present my work to everyone. Carissa Allen

Queen Elizabeth 1
I enjoyed doing the Night of the Notables because I could become someone famous. I could have fun with my friends and laugh a lot. Lots of parents liked my set and my giveaways. I was so proud of myself. Charli Langton Helen Keller

As a Year 5 student, this is my first year at IGNITE. I have enjoyed it so much and have made new friends along the way. I chose this notable because a year ago I did a speech on Helen Keller. This year, when the teacher talked about a notable woman, I thought about her. She started listing some notables and I knew I could do Helen Keller. I thought I would dig in and learn more about this woman. The reality is I learnt a lot more. I learnt she loved dogs. She wanted to get married but disabilities pulled her back. Helen Keller was the first blind and deaf person to graduate from college at the age of 24. I found a lot more quotes and found a lot more books. I have loved doing this project in IGNITE. One of my favourite parts was when we dressed up on the night. We started calling each other by our notable’s name, which was so funny. I started pretending to sign words into people’s hands. I have loved making the souvenirs too. I would love to do IGNITE again. Tara Shanahan

Anna Pavlova
My favourite part of the Night of the Notables was answering the questions from our question box because I got to show what I knew about my notable woman. Also, I loved being my notable woman as I got to see what it was like being that person. The night was fun and exciting and I will never forget what being Anna Pavlova was like. Stepping into the shoes of my notable person made me feel like I really was her, it was a great experience. Amelia Taranto

Coco Chanel
At first I was a bit nervous but excited about the classmates, teachers and the activities we might do. When I had my first class, Ms Beazley made me feel welcome. In IGNITE we do brain teasers every morning, which starts our brains up for a new lesson. The Night of the Notables was one of the biggest presentations ever, even though I was behind at first, Ms Beazley gave me tips and dates to help me finish the presentation. The Night of the Notables included a bio-poem we presented, a poster, artefacts that represented our person, souvenirs the parents and teachers could take to remember their notable person and the presentation. IGNITE is a fun, exciting class and I enjoyed every bit of it. Ridyaa Alina Niranjan

Amelia Earhart
I most enjoyed telling people about myself. I liked to make things entertaining when I spoke to make people laugh and enjoy my stall. Another thing I liked was dressing up as my notable. Before we dressed up we were ourselves but after dressing up we became our notable. Over this year, IGNITE was such an enjoyment and I am happy that we are all going to IGNITE for next year! Harriet Noske

Julia Child
I loved the Night of the Notables because I could talk all about Julia Child and what I know about her. Lots of people asked me really interesting questions. I loved setting up and presenting my bio-poems. Katarina Anastasaais Elizabeth Blackwell
What I really loved about the Night of the Notables was being there on the day looking at all the amazing displays, including mine, seeing how much hard work I had put into that throughout a fifteen-week period of time. As I was packing it up I felt really sad that it was all over and wished that it would go on for longer. That’s why this has been an amazing experience and I will remember it forever. Angeline Dinis

Marie Curie
I really liked the Night of the Notables. I dressed up as Marie Curie and I thought it was really interesting that she died of Aplastic Anaemia because of prolonged exposure to radium, which she had discovered! I thought it was interesting that she was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first person, man or woman to win two! My favourite part of the Night of the Notables was telling people who came to my stall about Marie Curie. Paula Krause

Marie Curie
I enjoyed Night of the Notables because you got to research a famous woman and you got to be her. With Night of the Notables, I made a new friend and had fun with some old ones. Mary Scott

Wilma Rudolph
This year in Year 5, we have been looking and researching about an inspirational woman and their life. I chose Wilma Rudolph because I found her very interesting as she had polio at the age of four and then won three gold medals at a single Olympics. On the Night of the Notables, we set up, then got dressed up, we also practised our bio-poems. The thing that I liked most about the night was showing everyone our presentation. Also, the look on each face when I told them that she had 21 brothers and sisters. Night of the Notables is an amazing memory to have. Bianca Stanes

Princess Diana
This year in IGNITE, we discovered and researched an inspirational woman and their life stories. I chose Princess Diana because she is very inspirational to me. The most important thing I learnt about her was how she wasn’t always happy, she went through a lot of tough times and struggles. The Night of the Notables was an amazing experience I will never forget! Jessica Millard

Florence Nightingale
My favourite thing about Night of The Notables was being Florence Nightingale and researching her. I had lots of fun with my friends and I enjoyed it a lot. Emily Flutter

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