Night of the Notables

For students to understand their own potential, it is important to understand the terms that are often linked to potential, such as giftedness, talent, intelligence and creativity. 

One way our girls do this is in the IGNITE program is through researching the life of an eminent woman. By using and creating a range of resources about their ‘notable’, students come to fully appreciate the impact these women had on our lives. Students step into their shoes and become them, for the Night of the Notables. 

Below some of the girls tell us about their notable and why they chose them.

Jasmine Collins: Jane Goodall
I chose Jane Goodall because she is very inspiring not only for women’s’ rights but also the chimpanzees’ rights and the planet. Her findings were discriminated because she was a young untrained girl but that didn’t stop her, she continued studying the chimpanzees. Now she travels around the world talking about the gap between chimpanzees and humans.

Deandra Vaz: Boudicca
I chose Boudicca since she was a fiery, warrior queen and she has a similar personality to me! I also chose her since I was intrigued by her name. Boudicca had a very chaotic childhood since both of her parents died due to a smallpox epidemic. This inspires me to power through life even if I was upset or hurt!

Rachael Wu: Marie Curie
I chose my Notable, Marie Curie, because she made many breakthroughs, demonstrated resilience and grit throughout her life, and used her knowledge to help the world. Despite the many challenges that came her way, such as the deaths of many of her close loved ones and the limitation of rights just because she was a woman, Marie was still able to live a fulfilling life through her strength to continue and her research into radioactivity. She still is an inspiring role model for me and many others.

One inspiring thing I learnt from my Notable was to never give up. Although Marie faced many challenges that few face today, such as a limitation of rights for being a woman, she still kept on going with life. She knew it was very difficult to continue, and even though the easiest route out of the challenges was to stop living life, Marie used the strength within her to continue on with life. Her determination was worth it in the end, as she changed the world, changed the lives of millions and continues to inspire many who hear her story.

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