Northcott Sisters: Sugar Coat It

Do you ever find yourself stuck on what to get someone for that special occasion? You’re thinking of something unique and thoughtful, but you also don’t want to run around town and put a dent in your bank account?

This was the exact thought process of the Northcott sisters, Holly (Class of 2015) and Hannah (Class of 2011). After seeing a gap in the market for last-minute gifts that appeal to people of any age, gender, or background, the sisters created their business, Sugar Coat It.

Fast forward three years, and Sugar Coat It is now considered Australia’s finest and leading dessert box company.

Their business model? It’s simple.

They focus on providing a unique, high-quality product and customer experience, by hand customising every box, for each individual order from Monday to Sunday.

From what started out in their parent’s kitchen, to now receiving 200+ orders a week and amassing 32.2k Instagram followers, the girls have found their niche and grown an overwhelmingly successful business.

“When My sister Holly was searching Google for what seemed like hours the night before her partner’s birthday (getting nowhere), she realised there was a serious gap in the market.”, said Hannah.

“After starting an Instagram page in September 2018, we soon realised the demand for this service was incredibly strong. This led to taking further steps in developing this hobby into a fully functioning business.”, added Hannah.

The girls admit that they weren’t necessarily the most academically inclined students, but it was more so the passionate teachers that recognised this and adapted to their learning style, which enhanced their school experience.

“Interestingly, I would say both myself and Holly weren’t conventionally intelligent. Schooling didn’t come naturally to us. I think it was the teachers who observed that and were able to see the uniqueness in how we took in content and processed it.”, said Hannah.

She also added “For myself, school really clicked in years 11 and 12 when I was able to focus on subjects where my passions fell, only then did I see a significant difference in my grades.”

For Holly, she emphasised the fact that everyone is on their own journey. Staying in her own lane and focusing what was important to her, allowed Holly to grow at her own pace.

“I have always been creative and loved spending time in classes such as AIT. Stand-out teachers for us both would be Mr Gaynor, Ms Morey, and Ms Detata. One thing we learned from school is to not put too much pressure on ourselves. Everyone develops at different rates, so I’d say try not to compare yourself to the girls next to you, so much changes.”, said Holly.

Let’s be honest… it’s not often that you come across two women in their 20s, who have built a business from the ground up to this scale. 

We asked the Northcott sisters what their advice would be to our budding entrepreneurs, who have dreams of starting their own business one day.

“You don’t need to have everything perfectly worked out when you launch, you can refine the bigger picture things as you go.”, said Hannah.

“The hardest step is commencing. Once you’re past that, you will work out things as you go. Also, be unique and try not to copy someone else’s success, just because you’re seeking success yourself.”, added Holly.  

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Holly and Hannah!

You are incredible role models for our students and a true testament to the saying, ‘if you put your mind to doing whatever it is you want to do, good things can happen’.

We wish them all the best in the future. 

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