OGA Interns

Sophia Haldane (2015)

After graduating Santa Maria in 2015, I decided to study French and Marketing at the University of Western Australia. During my time there I have joined many clubs; social, sporting and academic, and am currently the Publicity Officer for one of the events clubs. I later went on exchange to Montreal in French Canada for 8 months, where I was able to travel Europe and North America and attend a French university. On returning home, I started working in disability care and am now completing a marketing internship at Santa Maria for six months. I will be graduating university in February and am going to work for a few more months, so that I can go off traveling again, indefinitely.


Jake Mc Kenna

In 2014, I graduated from Corpus Christi College and was accepted into Notre Dame to study PE Teaching. After an extraordinarily fun twelve months in Fremantle, I decided to take my talents to Curtin in 2016 to try my hand at Marketing and Advertising. Three years later and I’m lucky enough to be completing a marketing internship with Santa Maria and am only months away from graduating with a Bachelor in Marketing & Advertising.

Throughout my studies, I’ve been fortunate enough to fly to Melbourne for multiple Collingwood focused footy trips, coach various junior basketball teams at Willetton and have made a living by ripping tickets at Hoyts Garden City. My aim is to work in advertising either at an agency or as an in-house consultant but as always I’ll continue to take it one day at a time.

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