Year 9 Girls Interviewed Santa Maria Old Girls’ (Class of 1938 – 1960)

By Georgina Guidi (Class of 2015)

It was a huge privilege to spend the morning with six of the Old Girls. I spoke to Barbara Edwards (Stevens)  and  found it very interesting. I admire all the stories she was sharing with us.  Barbara left home at five years old to go to boarding school, where it was very strict and they got the cane if they talked or misbehaved. Barbara left me with a little bit of advice saying to always keep an open mind, as you never know what your future will be, and to keep your options always open. It was an amazing experience, sharing their knowledge. I would do it all over again.

Olivia Gumina (Year 9)

Talking to the Old Girls was very inspirational and makes me really appreciate what I have today at this school. How lucky we all are as a community to have such a lovely school, with a strong history.

Eloise Davis (Year 9)

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