Meet the Coaches Series: Olivia Walton

Over the coming week’s we are going to introduce you to some of our sporting coaches. In the first of our interviews, we chat with Olivia Walton, one of our swimming coaches.

What is your day job/study?
I’m studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Sport Science at Notre Dame and working as a swim instructor at Melville Aquatics, Watkins Southside and Santa Maria College
What is your association with Santa Maria?
I’m an Old Girl from the of Class of 2018. 
How many Years have you been coaching?
I have been coaching since I was in Year 11 and now that I have finished high school, I have taught at Vac Swim programs and privately at swim schools. I thoroughly enjoy being back at Santa and seeing all the girls in younger years swimming, it reminds me of all the fun we had during the swimming season.  
What is your favourite part of coaching?
My favourite part would have to be seeing swimmers improve on their Pb’s. Not only is it exciting for them but makes me happy as they are so committed to putting in the effort and achieving their goals. 
How many years have you been involved with swimming?
I have been involved with swimming at Southside Penrhos Wesley swimming club for almost 10 years. Moving from lessons to squads, then to elite training. I have always loved swimming and it has allowed me to form some close friendships with both swimmers and coaches. 
Who is your favourite swimmer?
One of my favourite and admired swimmers is Brianna Throssell, she is a successful swimmer and is currently studying whilst managing her own business on top of her training commitments. It has taught me that anything is possible if you are prepared to work hard and stay focused. 
Who are you coaching at SMC? 
I am coaching the Years 7 – 12 swimming team in preparation for the IGSSA swimming carnival, as well as assisting with the Junior school swimming lessons. 
How do you think the girls will go in the IGSSA carnival?
I think the girls will do exceptionally well as they have all been putting in 100% at every training session. They are all hardworking and are determined to do well, so I am sure all their efforts will pay off on the night!
Can you give us 0ne tip for aspiring swimmers?
One of the most important things for aspiring swimmers is that if a race doesn’t go your way, you should never give up. This is something I’ve never forgotten, whether I missed out on a state time by one second or didn’t qualify for a finals heat, I tried not to let it get to me, it just makes me try that bit harder the next time. 
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