One Global Family: Tackling World Hunger

Did you have enough to eat today? Are you thinking about your next meal already?

As you consider all the meal options available to you, spare a thought for the more than 3.6 million Australians who go hungry every day. This Sunday, we celebrate World Food Day, aimed to build an understanding of hunger issues facing people throughout the world, as well as issues affecting our food chain and the production of food. While everyone needs food to survive, not everyone has access to food as we do. Why is this happening, and what can we practically do to change the situation?

One Global Family

‘Frateli Tutti’, which translates to ‘all brothers and sisters’ is the third encyclical by Pope Francis. In his pastoral letter, Pope Francis focuses on the urgent need to eliminate world hunger. He expresses that as a globalised world, we have failed in the most basic of human rights, ensuring everyone has enough food to survive. Manipulation of food prices and the treatment of humans as a commodity is the root cause of world hunger. While millions go without food, many of us throw tons of food away every year. ‘This constitutes a genuine scandal. Hunger is criminal; food is an inalienable right.’ (Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti, #189).

Challenge the Status Quo

Tackling hunger and food insecurity is about more than increasing the food supply. Rather, it’s about challenging structures that create an unfair food distribution preventing people from building their own food security. We need to adopt the principle of ‘being outstanding for others’, especially towards those who have nothing. 

See the Face of Christ in the Hungry

The foundation for any real change comes from our ability to see the face of Christ in those who go hungry. When we start to think about the food crisis at home and worldwide, do we realise that only by working as one global family, in a spirit of compassion and unity, can we bring an end to a grave injustice: There is enough food in the world for everyone, so no one should go hungry.

There is enough food in the world for everyone, so no one should go hungry.

Practical Ways to Effect Real Change

  1. Support Community Farmers in Developing Countries: By donating to agencies like Caritas Australia, through their education and training programs, farmers are empowered to look after themselves and their families.
  2. Care for our Common Home: Stop wasting food! Putting our food leftovers into compost or a worm farm instead of landfill reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lessens the harmful impact of a changing climate on farmers around the world.
  3. Food Sources: We need to consider how the food we buy has an impact on global food security.
  4. Buy certified food products: As consumers, we also have purchasing power. By buying products that carry the Fairtrade, UTZ certified, and Rainforest Alliance certification labels, we stand in solidarity with others.

Let us Pray

God of all creation, you entrusted to us the good things of this world so that we might care for the earth and be nourished by all the delightful things it offers. We come together to shine a light on the injustice of food security in our world. Open our hearts to your messages of love and compassion, and like you, work towards a just world where hunger does not exist.

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