One team, one spirit and big success – Interhouse Athletics Carnival

Champion Girls

Year 5
Champion – Lucinda Nolan (Corbett)
Runner Up – Harriet McIntyre (Dillon) & Alyssa Monaco (Byrne)

Year 6
Champion – Maya Kenny (Dillon) & Maeve Lehane (de la Hoyde)
Runner Up – Sienna Timmermans (Dillon)

Year 7
Champion – Mia Ford (Kelly)
Runner Up – Holly Brisbane (Kelly)

Year 8
Champion – Cleo Kenny (Dillon)
Runner Up – Jemima Schirmer (Byrne)

Year 9
Champion – Sophie Eastaugh (Frayne)
Runner Up – Piper Sumich (O’Reilly)

Year 10
Champion – Jenna Bain (Byrne)
Runner Up – Adele Smith (Kelly)

Year 11 
Champion – Ella Eastaugh (Frayne)
Runner Up – Monica Voncina (de la Hoyde)

Year 12
Champion – Imogen Taylor (de la Hoyde)
Runner Up – Lauren Hyde-Cooling (O’Donnell)

The final House placings for the day were as follows:

1st  O’Reilly      5,360.6 points
2nd  Dillon         5,298.5 points
3rd Kelly            5,160 points
4th Corbett        5,103.5 points
5th O’Donnell     5,072.5 points
6th de la Hoyde   5,041.5 points
7th Byrne            4,946 points
8th Frayne          4,875.5 points

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