O’Reilly Day!

How long have you been the O’Reilly House Coordinator?
I took over as House Coordinator in Semester 2 last year (2018).

What do you think are the chances of O’Reilly taking out the McAuley Shield?
I think we definitely have a strong chance. We have had some mixed results so far, but after a disappointing result in the Years 7-12 Swimming Carnival, we have had some fantastic results including the Years 5 & 6 Swimming Carnival, Years 9 & 10 interhouse volleyball and our overall second in the cross country. These will contribute strongly to the overall points.

What are O’Reilly’s strengths?
The strengths of O’Reilly are our participation rates in events and working together as a group.

What strengths do your House Captains bring to O’Reilly?
Sarah and Sheridan are working hard to motivate and encourage the O’Reilly girls to be the best they can be in all events.

Do you have a motto or words of inspiration for your House?
House – Homeroom – Individual. I use this to create a strong House culture whereby the House is the most important aspect. We put the House first and try to do our best for the whole of O’Reilly followed by Homeroom and then individual. The girls realise that the whole House is much bigger than them as an individual and if we strive to do the best we can for O’Reilly, success will then follow for Homerooms and individuals.

What is your favourite House event during the Year?
My favourite House event during the Year is interhouse volleyball & soccer. I love that it can involve lots of people from the House and also the support that is shown by those who come down to watch. I think it’s a great way for girls to get involved in the House spirit in a friendly but competitive manner.

We look forward to seeing how O’Reilly go when the McAuley shield results are announced on Mercy Day.

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