Our Acting Head of English: Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson will be our Acting Head of English in Semester 2. She replaces Anthony Phillips who will be enjoying some time for family and writing. We asked Rebecca a few questions about her new role.

What was your career path leading up to this role?

I began my teaching career in 2004. This is my seventh year at Santa Maria College. I have had the good fortune to teach a range of subjects in my Learning Area and have learnt so much from my colleagues and my students. I have been teaching Literature and English at ATAR level for a number of years. I have seen both courses evolve significantly over my career and it has been such an interesting journey!

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

I am most looking forward to learning a range of new skills and collaborating with my wonderful team of English teachers. I am also particularly interested in working with the other Heads of Learning Areas and gaining some fresh insights regarding how to inspire growth within our staff and students.

Do you have a particular area of passion in education?

I love my subject and am deeply passionate about it! I think that it provides invaluable skills for life beyond school. Studying English provides students with opportunities to empathise, to think critically, to be creative and to communicate effectively. I love seeing our students engage with the texts and concepts we cover in our courses and hearing them discuss them passionately. I have also been profoundly influenced by the Growth Mindset approach to education. It is so empowering for students to believe that they are capable of growth. It has changed my approach to the classroom tremendously.

What is your favourite thing about Santa Maria?

My favourite things about Santa Maria College are my colleagues and my students. Every day I have inspiring discussions on a range of topics with my friends and colleagues. I work with kind, dedicated students who are thoughtful and open to new ideas.  It is fabulous! I thoroughly enjoy going to work every day.

What is something most people wouldn’t know about you?

That I am a local – I live in Attadale with my family.

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