Our Sporty Boarders

Anyone who has lived in an Australian country town will tell you that sport is a significant part of the lifestyle. Sport often bonds the community together and provides a social focus. People of vastly different age groups and backgrounds are drawn together, and friendships are made.

It is a given that with sport in country towns comes responsibilities. People work together to run the canteen, umpire, or sit on an organising committee. If you stand still long enough you will get a job!

The love of sport runs deep in many of our boarders. So, it is important that at Santa Maria we make sure the girls’ involvement in sport continues if that is what they choose. Many, many of the girls do choose to be involved.

During the week boarders are able to play sport within the school, in both House and interschool competitions. They are also able to play sport for other metropolitan associations. For example, Santa Maria College’s boarders can play netball in the Fremantle Netball Association. They can also play hockey for Fremantle-Cockburn Hockey Club or volleyball for Reds Volleyball Club based at Aquinas College.

Traditional sports aren’t the only ones catered for by the College. For example, K2 Dance in Myaree is encouraged, and the girls are transported to lessons. The options are endless.

Here’s what the girls had to say about their sporting opportunities:

“Hockey at the Fremantle-Cockburn Hockey Club provides me with a good sense of normality and community. I would play at home, so playing here reminds me of the similarities between my two homes. My team is supportive and nice, and I love playing with them.” Orla Fowler, Year 8

“I really enjoy Reds volleyball as it is something different and a new experience. I’d never played volleyball before I came to Santa Maria, unlike netball which I had played all throughout my childhood. It’s really fun and always a highlight of my week.” Gracie Yewers, Year 8

“The positives of doing Reds volleyball and Santa Boarders netball would be that you get to go out of the House and experience a club sport with other people. Also, when you play against other clubs it brings a good atmosphere.” Macie Brennan, Year 7

“Playing sport in Boarding is great! It is so much fun and great to come out of Boarding on the weekends. It keeps me busy and it great for everyone. ” Paige Lobwein, Year 9

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