Outdoor Education Adventures

The Year 10 Outdoor Education classes have just returned from an amazing adventure on their Year 10 Expedition. It was another very successful and rewarding adventure for our girls!

Students hiked to and from locations to set up camp and spent half a day abseiling into and prusiking out of Brides Cave! Each group hiked between 36 and 38 km over the four days, with 16 – 20kg packs on their backs. The girls planned, budgeted for, and purchased all their meals for the trip and carried all of it with them, as well as their tents, trangias, fuel, clothing, sleeping gear, water, group items, and all their accumulating rubbish! 

This expedition provided opportunities for our girls to step out of their comfort zones and demonstrate resilience during challenging conditions and activities. The students were also given opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and skills they have developed in class time, in a stunning natural setting.

Staff were very proud to witness the girls connecting learning to life through developing key life skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork, navigation, self-reflection, leadership, and perseverance.

“It was an amazing experience. We will remember these memories for life. We bonded with people that we were never close with. Our favourite thing was abseiling and prusiking at Brides Cave, it was a rewarding challenge, the views were unforgettable.” Abby Luzny & Claudia Rock

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